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    Bambo Nature Baby Diapers MFG: Bambo Nature Store
    Why We Love It

    Bambo has shown us that it is possible to create a sustainable disposable diaper. About 95% of all waste produced from creating these diapers is recycled, making them an eco-friendly choice. They’re very gentle on baby’s skin and really absorbent, too. These diapers may run bigger than their weight recommendations, so if you have a small newborn you might want to try their preemie size. Looking for another sustainable choice? Check out Seventh Generation Baby Diapers.

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    Beco Gemini Baby Carrier MFG: Beco Baby Carrier
    Why We Love It

    The Beco Gemini has everything a parent could want, and it looks super stylish to boot. You can carry your baby in four different ways: front facing out, front facing in, on your hip, or on your back.

    Available at Amazon starting at $84
    Big Elephant Potty Training Pants MFG: BIG ELEPHANT Store
    Why We Love It

    The Big Elephant Potty Training Pants are a fan favorite. Parents love how these pants are relatively absorbent but don’t entirely mimic traditional diapers, which could make potty training more challenging. You’ll get six layers of absorbent cotton that help to contain accidents. But they look exactly like real underwear, which makes the transition to real undies so much easier. These pants are machine washable with a covered elastic band for comfort.

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    Big Kid LX High Back Booster MFG: Evenflo Store
    Why We Love It

    This booster seat has a 6-position height adjustment and transitions from high back to no back, offering a range of options to get the ideal fit for your child. Its upper weight limit is 110 pounds, higher than comparable options, and it has a removable machine-washable seat pad and dual cup holders. Plus, it comes in a few color and pattern options and costs just $45.

    Available at Amazon starting at $45
    Binen Baby Rattle Toy With Teethers MFG: Binen Store
    Why We Love It

    This is a similar concept to the toy above, but this has more apparent teethers. When you have a baby, you know that teething is a catalyst for many, many tears. With the placement of the teethers, babies can easily grab onto them to chew. Plus, they’re really cute — especially the elephant.

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    Birdy Boutique Kids Car Seat Poncho MFG: Birdy Boutique Store
    Why We Love It

    Because wearing a coat in a car seat is not recommended, Birdy Boutique developed this poncho for kids ages six months to five years that fits over the seatbelt and car seat harness to provide warmth and ultimate safety. It slips on over your child's head, making it easy to secure your little one and get her in and out of the car easily. It also allows for arm movement so your child won't feel trapped or constricted.

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    Blppldyci Wind Chime Car Seat Toys MFG: Blppldyci Store
    Why We Love It

    Give Baby not 1, but 4 adorable animal friends to keep them company while out on the town. The brightly colored 4-pack includes a lovable lion, elephant, cat, and of course, a mischievous monkey. Although adorable just to look at, these soft stroller toys feature built-in chimes that make soft soothing sounds each time they move. And if your LO gets a hold of one of these furry friends, they can soothe sore chompers on the nontoxic teether attached to each toy. “Of all the purchases I’ve made lately, these little rattles are some of my favorites!” raves one mama on Amazon. “The quality is superb. Colors are bright and cheerful. Lots to look at, talk about, and play with for a babe. I love the hooks on top as they can easily be hung on a car seat, playmat, bouncer, etc.”

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    BOB Gear Revo Flex Duallie 3.0 MFG: BOB Gear Store
    Why We Love It

    With the two-seat BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie jogging stroller, you can take both kids on any outing-whether Prepping for a 10K or heading out for a day at the zoo. The suspension system and air-filled tires keep you running smoothly and the adjustable handlebar fits parents of all heights.

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    Boba Wrap Classic Baby Carrier MFG: Boba
    Why We Love It

    The Boba wrap is made from one large piece of fabric. It can be used in one position—front-inward—and, because it’s made from 5% spandex, does a great job of helping babies feel snug and secure.

    Available at Amazon starting at $40
    Boon Chomp Hungry Whale MFG: Boon Store
    Why We Love It

    If you’re looking for a toy that will entertain your baby well into toddlerhood, go for this pick from Boon. Babies will have a blast looking at the fun colors and shapes of the whale and three ring-shaped “sea creatures.” Once your child is old enough to control the whale’s mouth, she'll love making it gobble up the other creatures in the bath.

    Available at Amazon starting at $8
    Boon Soak 3-Stage Bathtub MFG: Boon Store
    Why We Love It

    With a contoured back and adjustable and removable bottom bump, you’ll be able to position baby so comfortably in this tub, he'll never want to get out. And thanks to the integrated plug that changes color when the water temperature changes, you’ll always know the water temperature is just right. Parents report that with fewer nooks and crannies, this tub is one of the easier ones to keep clean. It fits in most double sinks and works in tubs, too. The Boon is suitable for children starting at birth and is recommended for use until 18 months. It's also fairly streamlined, weighing 2.5 pounds and measuring roughly 25 inches long by 16 inches wide.

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    Boppy ComfyChic Baby Carrie MFG: Boppy Store
    Why We Love It

    Designed for you with style and comfort in mind. The Boppy ComfyChic Hybrid Baby Carrier is stylishly versatile with elegant accents and thoughtful features. With 4 carrying positions and quick-adjust arm straps, this carrier is perfect for sharing between caregivers.

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