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    Light Show MFG: Skip Hop Store
    Why We Love It

    This chubby little unicorn may look like any other squishy bath toy, but it features an extra special surprise that’s sure to delight your little one: as soon as the toy touches the water, its whole body lights up with a variety of bright colors. And no worries about mold with this toy, either—it’s all one seamless piece (no holes anywhere) so water can’t get inside.

    Available at Amazon starting at $6
    Lil’ Jammerz Musical Plush Toys MFG: Lil' Jammerz
    Why We Love It

    Get your little one rockin’ with a personalized playlist with the Lil’ Jammerz. The musical trio consists of a microphone with a volume-regulated Bluetooth speaker, a rattling plush orange guitar, and a squeaky round drum. “Cool, smart, and fun!” reviews one Amazon customer. “I’m especially impressed by the sound quality and volume limit of the speaker, which is my priority as it will be very very near to babies when music is played. My 8-month-daughter LOVES these musical pals very much. We’re asked about them everywhere we go. It’s a perfect baby gift because these three little guys are so unique and fun!” Each lovable band member easily attaches to a stroller or car seat with heavy-duty velcro, so you can feel free to bring the jams anywhere you go.

    Available at Amazon starting at $40
    Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Stella MFG: Manhattan Toy Store
    Why We Love It

    Wee Baby Stella is the perfect first doll. Little ones will love role playing with their new BFF—attaching her magnetic bottle and pacifier and changing her clothes. And the soft, huggable fabric can help your kiddo wind down for bedtime. Perfect for playtime or just snuggling, Baby Stella is soft and cozy like a stuffed animal. Be sure to check out the entire collection of dolls, accessories and clothes too.

    Available at Amazon starting at $23
    Munchkin 36 Bath Letters and Numbers MFG: Munchkin Store
    Why We Love It

    Learning letters and numbers isn’t just for the classroom anymore. These soft, colorful foam shapes can be used a couple of different ways for fun bathtime education: have them float on top of the water, or soak them in water and they’ll stick to the side of the tub or the shower wall. They’re durable and nontoxic, made to last for years of baths.

    Available at Amazon starting at $17
    Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles Bath Toy MFG: Munchkin Store
    Why We Love It

    If your little one is like most babies, he probably enjoys a toy that offers a playful rattle, shake or spin. Well, these sounds and motions are certainly not relegated to shore-only play. Each floating bubble in this set makes a unique noise that will encourage that sweet, gummy grin you love to see. These bath toys are small enough for tiny hands to grasp and hold, and can float freely in the water, even if baby tries to sink them. Parents also love that they don’t attract mold, since there are no holes, cracks or crevices to trap water.

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    Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper MFG: Baby Einstein
    Why We Love It

    The Baby Einstein Neptune?s Ocean Discovery Jumper gives your baby 360 degrees of engaging activities with a splash of underwater wonder. Your mini marine explorer can embark on a playtime expedition and swivel from toy to toy in the height adjustable baby bouncer. There is a crab that spins inside a clear ball, a little starfish that holds a self-discovery mirror, an octopus paddle toy, and flash cards with real underwater imagery to boost vocabulary. The removable sea turtle activity center helps your baby discover numbers and colors in 3 languages (English, Spanish, and French). With extra link loops, you can also add your baby?s favorite toys or swap out fresh ones for a new ocean of discovery. The baby bounce chair allows your little one to jump and dance, which helps strengthen their developing leg muscles. With no doorways required, you can watch your baby safely play and grow wherever you need to be. Use the activity center only if the child can sit up unassisted and is less than 30 inch tall. Weak batteries cause erratic product operation, including distorted sound. Because each electrical component requires a different operating voltage, replace the batteries when any function fails to operate.

    Available at Amazon starting at $110
    Sassy Ring O Links 9 Piece Set MFG: Sassy Store
    Why We Love It

    To make the miles fly by, many parents swear by these links from Sassy. Nine brightly colored ones come in this set with a bold, black-and-white striped ring. They can be attached to each other, to the car seat handle, and to other toys. They’re affordable too, so you can purchase multiple packs for even more linking fun. The possibilities are endless, and you’ll reach your destination before you know it, or at least with fewer refrains of “are we there yet?”

    Available at Amazon starting at $5
    SHILOH Baby Developmental Crib Toy With Arm and Musical Mobile MFG: SHILOH Store
    Why We Love It

    This crib toy is like heaven on earth. It’s so well made that even before your child can interact with it, it features just bring you sheer joy. It’s environmentally friendly with non-toxic and durable ABS material to ensure your baby’s safety if the baby does try to bite it (which is highly likely at some point). The Shiloh comes with 4 strings attached to plush toys that have various visual and sound triggers for the little one. The plush toys include a BB squeaker, jingle bell or a music player that creates wonderful sounds when squeezed. And the fun part is, the plush toys are all removable and can be played with individual toys!

    Available at Amazon starting at $60
    Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Activity Center MFG: Skip Hop Store
    Why We Love It

    As much as you love your baby, sometimes all that baby gear can put a serious cramp on your style, which is why love this baby activity center for Skip Hop. While it’s still baby-friendly, it’s got a bit more of an understated style than other brighter, bolder models. It still offers plenty of entertainment for baby though, with 25 activities, moving toy and a light-up piano to play. The bottom is adjustable, so you can set it to just the right height, and the seat spins around in a full circle so baby move to explore it all.

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    Skip Hop Zoo Stack and Pour Buckets MFG: Skip Hop Store
    Why We Love It

    Sometimes, the best bathtime solution is a simple one, such as a set of five friendly-faced buckets that let baby splash water around while you get her clean. These buckets have different holes in the bottom that sprinkle water out, which should keep even the most easily-distracted baby engaged during bathtime. Once the bath is over, dry them off and stack them by the side of the tub.

    Available at Amazon starting at $10
    Slotic Baby Teething Dinosaur Toy MFG: Slotic
    Why We Love It

    Teething toys are some of the safest for babies and newborns. So, why not give them something very cute to keep with them when their gums start to hurt? Outside of the crib, this toy can also be frozen to provide extra relief.

    Available at Amazon starting at $13
    Squirt ‘n Swap MFG: Ubbi Store
    Why We Love It

    These little squirts are a splashin’ good time. While most bath toys will eventually collect mold inside (yuck!), these critters separate at the middle so you can clean and dry them with ease—they’re even dishwasher safe. Kids will have fun mixing and matching the interchangeable halves, and parents won’t have to worry about potential health hazards. Keep in mind, though: these toys need to be separated, cleaned, and thoroughly dried after every bath in order to prevent mold growth. This set comes with four toys, but check out the complete gift set for more variety (plus a basket to store them all in).

    Available at Amazon starting at $10