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    BabyBjorn Step Stool MFG: BabyBjörn Store
    Why We Love It

    The BabyBjorn Step Stool may be the shortest product in our review, but its sturdiness is mighty. This plastic, lightweight, modern stool is available in various colors. It has excellent non-slip material on top (one of the best in the competition), and anti-skid pads on the base perform decently when under pressure. We worry that this stool lacks the necessary height for children to perform self-care skills, like hand-washing and teeth-brushing at the bathroom sink.

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    Bumbo Step Stool MFG: Bumbo
    Why We Love It

    The elephant foot design of the Bumbo Step Stool is lovable and functional. Its stability is outstanding, and it stands taller than other one-level stools in our lineup. Plus, it is budget-friendly. This plastic product is lightweight, making it easy for toddlers to move, and its contour design fits snug against the toilet base. It is easy to clean - an essential factor when toilet training your little one. Its ability to not skid on hard flooring is noteworthy and indeed better than other contenders. Its non-slip surface feels slightly tacky to the touch and keeps feet from slipping, regardless if your child is wearing socks or barefoot.

    Available at Amazon starting at $15
    Dreambaby Step Stool MFG: Dreambaby Store
    Why We Love It

    Sometimes older kids just need a quick boost to reach something a bit too high. That’s when this lightweight, portable stool becomes so handy. It’s only 13.4 ounces, light enough for bigger kids to grab and move to where it’s needed. The white style with gray or aqua dots is plain and doesn’t scream baby gear, while the rubber lining on the bottom prevents slipping. With a height of 5 inches, this stool is best for bigger kids needing a bit of a boost. It can safely hold up to 175 pounds.

    Available at Amazon starting at $10
    Growing Up Green Step Stool MFG: Ginsey
    Why We Love It

    The bamboo Growing Up Green Step Stool may appeal to those who prefer to purchase an eco-friendly product over plastic. The stool is slightly heavier than plastic contenders, but it is still easy for toddlers to carry than traditional, dual-step wood stools. Plus, with a weight max of 200 lbs, we see this product offering longevity for children and adults. The stool feels durable and looks great in any room, but, unfortunately, it lacks stability features that we consider essential. The slats are better than a smooth surface, but the lack of slip-resistant material raises concerns for children wearing socks without grips.

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    HandyLaundry Step Stool MFG: Handy Laundry Store
    Why We Love It

    The HandyLaundry Step Stool is foldable, portable, and best for families with small bathrooms or kitchens. It features a carry handle, and with its flip-open design, it is easy to use. This stool offers nearly 9" of height, slightly more than other one-level products in our review. It has a slip-resistant dot surface to prevent feet from slipping, plus the anti-skid pads on the feet are adequate. When not in use, fold this stool up and store it behind a door or under the sink, keeping the floor free of obstacles.

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    OXO Tot Step Stool MFG: OXO Tot Store
    Why We Love It

    The OXO Tot Step Stool is sturdy, durable, and offers 7" of height. It features two handles (on opposite sides), making it easy to carry and reposition. The non-slip material covers the entire step, which is a plus in our book. Also, the anti-skid bottom is noteworthy as it keeps the stool from moving on the floor when little feet are aboard. The step's surface is light in color and may show where dirty feet stand after time. However, this may be a small trade-off given the stool's durability and stability.

    Available at Amazon starting at $20
    Simplay3 Sibling Step Stool MFG: Simplay3 Store
    Why We Love It

    Sharing a stool can be a source of conflict for most siblings. Thankfully the Simplay3 Sibling Step Stool brings peace and order. This product allows both children to stand on the sturdy stool together, side-by-side. Plus, as a two-sided design, the Simplay3 will accommodate children of similar or different heights. On one side, it combines an elevated step and a low step. Flip it over, and it becomes a long, same-level step. This stool is plastic and does not feature slip-resistant rubber. Instead, it has a textured surface.

    Available at Amazon starting at $40
    Wood City Step Stool MFG: WOOD CITY Store
    Why We Love It

    The Wood City Step Stool stands out among the competition for multiple reasons. It is one of the tallest, plus offers sturdiness, durability, and impressive anti-skid ability. This dual-height wooden stool uses non-toxic varnish, and the product's smooth surface is easy to wipe down, which is a perk because, let's face it, step stools can build up grime and dirt from little feet. Even potty training will result in more than a few drops here and there. When it comes to anti-skid ability, the Wood City is a top-performer, and attributing factors to this impressive feat are the product's weight and surface area of its anti-skid pads underneath.

    Available at Amazon starting at $37