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    Simplay3 Sibling Step Stool MFG: Simplay3 Store
    Why We Love It

    Sharing a stool can be a source of conflict for most siblings. Thankfully the Simplay3 Sibling Step Stool brings peace and order. This product allows both children to stand on the sturdy stool together, side-by-side. Plus, as a two-sided design, the Simplay3 will accommodate children of similar or different heights. On one side, it combines an elevated step and a low step. Flip it over, and it becomes a long, same-level step. This stool is plastic and does not feature slip-resistant rubber. Instead, it has a textured surface.

    Available at Amazon starting at $40
    Summer Infant 3-Stage Deluxe SuperSeat MFG: Summer Infant Store
    Why We Love It

    This seat has a three-in-one design that's recommended for children from 4 months to 4 years. The versatile chair has a soft foam insert that helps infants learn how to sit upright. Older babies will be entertained by the engaging toys on the detachable toy bar. It also turns into a standard booster seat for toddlers and is made of BPA-free plastic that’s easy to wipe down.

    Available at Amazon starting at $60
    Summer My Size Potty with Transition Ring & Storage MFG: Summer Infant Store
    Why We Love It

    This potty training seat is so realistic, you could mistake it for a real toilet (minus the fact that it’s a fraction of the size!). It makes potty training convenient for your child by providing a comfortable seat for him to sit on and even a realistic flushing sound to reward him. It comes with a removable, soft foam topper that can be placed right inside a regular-sized toilet, which is convenient. It also has a built-in compartment up top for wipes.

    Available at Amazon starting at $30
    The First Years Training Wheels Potty Chair MFG: The First Years Store
    Why We Love It

    The colors are black and red, giving it some Ferrari appeal. But what we love is that this potty is a two-in-one. You can remove the inner bowl for easy cleaning or you can place the seat on the adult toilet. An additional feature you’ll surely appreciate is the large splash guard. This will ensure all the pee goes into the bowl. The potty also features handles and non-skid material on the wheels.

    Available at Amazon starting at $25
    The Original Hugaboo Infant Sitting Chair MFG: Hugaboo Store
    Why We Love It

    This soft, portable seat is great for taking on trips to Grandma's house or packing in luggage for a family getaway. It's lightweight, soft and also provides support where baby needs it most. The best part? The entire seat is maching-washable, which is excellent given it will be on the floor for extended periods of time.

    Available at Amazon starting at $55
    TYRY.HU Portable Potty Seat MFG: TYRY.HU Store
    Why We Love It

    It is very sturdy and is made up of 3 main parts, the portable potty, the removable liner and the toilet seat cover. When you want to be used as a potty, the parts just snap securely into place. Then if you want to use it on a public toilet somewhere, the legs of the potty fold all the way out and the non-slip grips keep the Potty stable, whether on round or elongated toilets. The ABS plastic is very strong and sturdy, but smooth and comfortable against the skin. It’s lightweight, and comes with it’s own travel bag, which makes it super convenient to take on vacation.

    Available at Amazon starting at $23
    UNI BOO BOO Travel Potty Seat MFG: UNI BOO BOO
    Why We Love It

    When you put this on a toilet seat, you’ve effectively made the toilet seat cool. We also love just how portable it is. It folds up super small and comes with it’s own storage bag, which you can easily stash away in your purse. Or you could even fit it in a fanny pack. But that’s not all, there’s a ton of other features too. There’s 8 large non slip rubber pads to secure the seat to an adult’s toilet seat. There’s no hinges to worry about that might pinch your child’s skin. And of course it’s safe and non toxic.

    Available at Amazon starting at $28
    Wood City Step Stool MFG: WOOD CITY Store
    Why We Love It

    The Wood City Step Stool stands out among the competition for multiple reasons. It is one of the tallest, plus offers sturdiness, durability, and impressive anti-skid ability. This dual-height wooden stool uses non-toxic varnish, and the product's smooth surface is easy to wipe down, which is a perk because, let's face it, step stools can build up grime and dirt from little feet. Even potty training will result in more than a few drops here and there. When it comes to anti-skid ability, the Wood City is a top-performer, and attributing factors to this impressive feat are the product's weight and surface area of its anti-skid pads underneath.

    Available at Amazon starting at $37