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    Kanga Care Rumparooz Cloth Pocket Diaper MFG: Kanga Care Store
    Why We Love It

    The standout feature on Rumparooz diapers is the ability to change the absorbency level and place it exactly where your child needs it most. The pocket diaper comes with two inserts that can be used together or separately, with six different ways to configure them. Leg openings with an inner and outer elastic barrier makes leakage near impossible (something every parent can appreciate!).

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    Lamaze Organic Cotton Training Pants MFG: Lamaze Organic Baby Store
    Why We Love It

    For families concerned about their impact on the environment and society at large, the Lamaze Organic Cotton Training Pants are a great option. They are made from sustainably-sourced cotton and are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certified so you know they’re ethically produced. While you only get four pairs of underwear in a pack, you’ll like that these are chemical-free and unlikely to irritate your toddler’s skin. We appreciate that this set of training underwear is available in sizes as small as 9 months up to 5T.

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    Mama Bear Baby Wipes MFG: Mama Bear Store
    Why We Love It

    Made with pharmaceutical-grade purified water, cucumber, aloe, and licorice root extract, these baby wipes from Amazon provide a gentle clean at a price you’ll love. Soft, yet sturdy, these wipes are large and can be used anywhere on your baby’s body. They’re perfect for mealtime to clean those sticky faces and hands or keep them in your diaper bag to take care of the yuckiest messes in a jiffy.

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    Mama Koala Pocket Cloth Diapers MFG: Mama Koala Store
    Why We Love It

    These pocket-style diapers, sold as sets of six, fit most babies from 8 to 35 pounds, thanks to the adjustable snaps — that means you’ll only have to invest once. Plus, they come with reusable microfiber liners (you can buy separate bamboo liners if your babe needs extra absorbency at nighttime) and a stay-dry lining that wicks away moisture to keep baby comfy longer. Not to mention, they are available in the cutest patterns!

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    MooMoo Baby Potty Training Pants MFG: MooMoo Baby
    Why We Love It

    Available in cute patterns (sharks, stars, stripes and more), MooMoos are more absorbent and leak-proof compared to big-kid undies thanks to six (!) layers of padding and cinching at the legs. They’re also made of 100 percent cotton, so they’re super breathable, washable (dryer-friendly, too!) and allow your little one to feel just enough moisture — their cue to commit to this new potty-training thing.

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    Mum & You Biodegradable Baby Wipes MFG: Mum&You Store
    Why We Love It

    If you’re concerned about the source of your wipes (and the packaging) then these Mum & You wipes are a great solution. Not only does this brand feature a plant-based formula, but you’ll also like that zero plastic was used to create the packaging, which is 100 percent recyclable. Each pack (containing 56 wipes) is fragrance-free, contains 99.4 percent water, and is dermatologist-confirmed safe for babies with sensitive or eczema-prone skin. Best of all, they’re 100 percent biodegradable and begin to break down as soon as 15 days after use — making them ideal for home composters.

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    Munchkin STEP Diaper Pail MFG: Munchkin Store
    Why We Love It

    Lots of diaper pails advertise an easy one-handed operation—but the Munchkin Step really delivers. The step-lever at the bottom of the pail is wide and really simple to operate with a quick push of your foot even with your little one slung over your hip. Each time the lid opens, the bag holding your batch of dirty diapers seals shut, minimizing odors. (The built-in baking soda insert on the inside of the top lid helps with this, too.) It’s also really easy to change out the bag thanks to the wide side door opening at the front of the pail.

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    OsoCozy Unbleached Prefold Cloth Diapers MFG: OsoCozy Store
    Why We Love It

    The most budget-friendly cloth diapering option will always be a prefold, which is used with a separate cover. OsoCozy’s version is unbleached and made from 100 percent pure Indian cotton, making it one of the softest and best prefold cloth diapers around. And because it’s got four layers of absorbent fabric on the sides and eight in the middle, it’s no slouch in the soaking-up-wetness department either. Tip: Wash these about three times prior to diapering to remove natural oils and ensure maximum absorbency.

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    Pampers 2021 Pure Protection Disposable Diapers, Enormous Pack MFG: Pampers Store
    Why We Love It

    Pampers Pure Protection diapers help protect your baby's skin with 0% chlorine bleaching and 100% Pampers protection. They are made without chlorine bleaching, fragrance parabens, latex, and EU 26 allergens.

    Available at Amazon starting at $59
    Pampers Natural Clean Baby Wipes MFG: Pampers Store
    Why We Love It

    Pampers wipes are appreciated by parents because they tend to be stronger and sturdier than many other brands. Plus, since they aren’t as thin and clingy as some others, they’ll cover your whole hand while you’re doing a diaper change. For new parents who aren’t used to handling outrageously messy diapers, that extra protection is a godsend. While this wipe is great for parents, it’s also a decent pick for newborns and will feel super soft on a baby’s skin.

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    Pampers Pure Disposable Baby Diapers MFG: Pampers Store
    Why We Love It

    When it comes time to bring home your newborn, you'll be overwhelmed with how to change a diaper. So, choosing a diaper shouldn't be stressful and might come with some trial and error. A great place to start with diapers for your newborn is with the trusted brand Pampers. They recently debuted a line of natural diapers that are free of chlorine bleach, fragrance, lotion, parabens, and EU 26 allergens. They are hypoallergenic and perfect for super-sensitive baby skin! They also come in cute prints, which will set the scene for those photo ops.

    Available at Amazon starting at $67
    Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Diapers MFG: Pampers Store
    Why We Love It

    Pampers are by far the most popular choice among Babylist users for their super-soft feel and flexible fit (read: fewer poopsplosions). Their Swaddler line is the cushiest and includes a wetness indicator as well a newborn design that makes space for the umbilical cord. They’re well-priced and seem to work well for all different shapes and sizes of babies.

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