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    Itzy Ritzy Infant Nursing Pillow MFG: Itzy Ritzy Store
    Why We Love It

    For feeding on the go, this nursing pillow is perfectly portable. Just over 11 inches in height, it's lightweight it easy to toss it in the car when heading out. Mom just slips it on her arm, and the soft cushion securely props baby up for feeding without mom having to hunch over or strain her back or arm. There are no velcro or straps to mess with, and the whole thing can be thrown into the washing machine when it needs a good cleaning. It can be used to support almost any breastfeeding position, and the fabrics are extra soft while remaining breathable. The majority of moms give this pillow high marks for its portability and functionality.

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    Kindred Bravely The Marvella Nursing Bra MFG: Kindred Bravely Store
    Why We Love It

    You’re going to be feeding your little one often, especially in the first few weeks, so you’ll want to have easy access. Nursing bras are probably the most important clothing item to buy, since they allow you to unclip each cup so you don’t have to take the whole bra off every time you breastfeed. And Kindred Bravely is a tried-and-true favorite, thanks to the support, soft material and easy pull-aside access of the cups. Plus, these bras are wire- and clasp-free, making for more comfortable day-long wear. “[They're] super comfortable, breathable and so easy on my back and shoulders!” wrote one What to Expect mom.

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    Lansinoh Breastmilk Bottle with NaturalWave Nipple MFG: Lansinoh Store
    Why We Love It

    It can be hard enough to teach baby a proper latch, so it’s understandable that breastfeeding moms also worry about nipple confusion. Lansinoh’s NaturalWave nipple is one of the best baby bottles because it’s specifically designed to mimic mom’s breast, requiring baby to use the same natural feeding actions as when they nurse. It’s made from soft, flexible silicone to move with baby’s mouth, and the matte surface helps baby get a more secure latch. The baby bottle also features an air ventilation system to prevent gas, colic and spit up.

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    Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream MFG: Lansinoh Store
    Why We Love It

    Your nipples may get sore from all that activity, especially if your baby has trouble latching early on. Dry, cracked nipples can be soothed with nipple cream that's safe for baby. There are several types of nipple cream on the market, but Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream is a safe bet. It's hypoallergenic, has no additives and (most importantly) is safe and effective. Plus, when baby moves on to solid foods, you can use the Lansinoh for other purposes, such as lip moisturizer or cuticle care cream.

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    Lansinoh Momma Breastmilk Feeding Bottle MFG: Lansinoh Store
    Why We Love It

    A baby bottle designed specifically for breastfed babies. The Lansinoh momma Bottle with NaturalWave Nipple is clinically proven to reduce nipple confusion. Based on more than 50 years of research, the Lansinoh Bottle with NaturalWave Nipple enables baby to engage in the same natural sucking actions learned at the breast, allowing for a smooth transition from breast to bottle and back again.

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    Lansinoh Stay Dry Disposable Nursing Pads for Breastfeeding MFG: Lansinoh Store
    Why We Love It

    Breast pads help to absorb milk if your breasts leak, preventing the milk from leaking through your bra to your top. You can get disposable ones and washable ones, but you might need to try a few different brands until you find ones that suit you best. Being less wasteful than disposable breast pads, washable breast could pads save you money in the long run. These have a waterproof layer and come in a handy mesh bag for easy storage.

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    MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottle MFG: MAM Store
    Why We Love It

    Parents love that these bottles can be easily sterilized in the microwave with just a little bit of water or in the dishwasher, cutting down on time spent at the sink hand-washing. They open at both the top and bottom so you can clean nooks and crannies more easily. Another bonus for moms on the go? The bottle cap can act as a measuring cup for formula mixing. MAM's nipples are also uniquely flat to make it easier for babies to switch back and forth between breast and bottle. This set comes with two 9-ounce bottles, and as an added bonus, each has a lovely design (think animal and flower motifs) running along the side.

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    Medela Breastmilk Bottle MFG: Medela Store
    Why We Love It

    Medela Breast Milk Bottle Set includes everything you need to collect, store and feed breastmilk. Made without BPA - safe plastic designed to retain breast milk’s beneficial properties. Compatible with all Medela breast pumps to pump, store and feed with one container. Available in 5 oz or 8 oz sizes, these easy-to-use Medela bottles let you precisely measure your breast milk with easy-to-read ounce and millimeter markers.

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    Medela Quick Clean Breast Pump And Accessory Wipes MFG: Medela Store
    Why We Love It

    It’s important to clean your breast pump parts after each session, but when you’re nowhere near a sink, these Medela wipes come in handy. These hygienic wipes (free of alcohol, bleach and fragrance) are safe and super-effective for cleaning breast pumps, breast shields, valves, membranes, bottles and even the pump itself, all in a jiffy. What really puts them ahead of the pack is the fact that they can also be used on changing tables, high chairs and even your countertops. Their versatility makes them the best bang for your buck.

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    Medela Sonata Smart Double Electric Breast Pump MFG: Medela Store
    Why We Love It

    A quality breast pump is, for many, a must among breastfeeding accessories. This 2019 Best of Baby award winner is a fully optimized, hospital-strength device that really means business. It’s portable, quiet and has customizable settings. Plus, it connects to the MyMedela app, which tracks your sessions and offers helpful (and personalized!) breastfeeding content based on your goals.

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    Meiz King-Size Full Body Pregnancy Pillow MFG: Meiz Store
    Why We Love It

    This 65-inch king-size pillow is best for those on the taller side who are looking for full-body support. One reviewer, who’s 5’9” writes, “Wow. This is so comfortable. I got the extra long one and glad I did. I can fold it under my knees for back support … Stays cool. Highly recommend.” Another, who was 20 weeks pregnant at the time of their review, shares that they bought this pillow “because sleeping has become more of a chore these days.” They write that their first night using the pillow was “incredible” and that it’s the “perfect length” for their 5’9” frame.

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    Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottle MFG: Munchkin Store
    Why We Love It

    Munchkin’s Latch bottle features a unique combination of ultra flexible nipple and one-way valve to help reduce gas and fussiness. Research shows that reducing gas and fussiness leads to better sleep for babies. This is why the Latch bottle is recommended by feeding and sleep experts.

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