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    Boppy Original Feeding and Infant Support Pillow MFG: Boppy Store
    Why We Love It

    Boppy is the original, U-shaped nursing pillow (it was first introduced 25 years ago), and it remains the #1 most popular nursing pillow on the market. It’s machine washable for the inevitable spit up or unfortunate diaper explosion. We love its versatility: it can be used to help cushion babies working on sitting, cradle a lounging baby or as a tummy-time prop.

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    Boppy Pregnancy Wedge MFG: Boppy Store
    Why We Love It

    Make baby carrying as comfortable and cozy as possible with the help of this Boppy Pregnancy Wedge as you sleep. This item lets you slumber soundly because it provides additional support when you lie on your side. Compact and portable, it features a firm cushion that does not sink easily when your belly weight is applied. It is also easy to take along when traveling. This pregnancy body pillow's unique shape makes it versatile and good for multiple sitting or sleeping positions. It comes with a removable slipcover with a zipper closure for the quick and easy removal and insertion of the foam.

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    Infantino Elevate Adjustable Nursing and Breastfeeding Pillow MFG: Infantino Store
    Why We Love It

    This uniquely designed nursing pillow features useful layers that help moms adjust their baby in the perfect position. Whether they prefer the cradle position or holding their baby upright, the multilayered pillow can be easily adjusted to make every nursing session comfortable. To bring your little one's head closer to your body while nursing, you can simply use more layers on one side to instantly elevate your baby.

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    Itzy Ritzy Infant Nursing Pillow MFG: Itzy Ritzy Store
    Why We Love It

    For feeding on the go, this nursing pillow is perfectly portable. Just over 11 inches in height, it's lightweight it easy to toss it in the car when heading out. Mom just slips it on her arm, and the soft cushion securely props baby up for feeding without mom having to hunch over or strain her back or arm. There are no velcro or straps to mess with, and the whole thing can be thrown into the washing machine when it needs a good cleaning. It can be used to support almost any breastfeeding position, and the fabrics are extra soft while remaining breathable. The majority of moms give this pillow high marks for its portability and functionality.

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    Meiz King-Size Full Body Pregnancy Pillow MFG: Meiz Store
    Why We Love It

    This 65-inch king-size pillow is best for those on the taller side who are looking for full-body support. One reviewer, who’s 5’9” writes, “Wow. This is so comfortable. I got the extra long one and glad I did. I can fold it under my knees for back support … Stays cool. Highly recommend.” Another, who was 20 weeks pregnant at the time of their review, shares that they bought this pillow “because sleeping has become more of a chore these days.” They write that their first night using the pillow was “incredible” and that it’s the “perfect length” for their 5’9” frame.

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    My Brest Friend Original Nursing Pillow MFG: My Brest Friend Store
    Why We Love It

    Even though this pick isn’t a multi-tasker, it’s an excellent nursing pillow with helpful features other pillows lack. Designed solely for breastfeeding support, My Brest Friend wraps around you, has a back-support cushion and attaches to itself to prevent it from moving out of place. The genius front pocket is great for holding your water bottle, nipple cream, protein bar or other goodies you might need while nursing. My Brest Friend provides a flatter surface than the Boppy so baby is stable and won’t roll into the space between pillow and parent.

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    Nook Sleep Niche Nursing Pillow MFG: N NOOK SLEEP SYSTEMS
    Why We Love It

    This unique and premium-brand nursing pillow has a square and funky design. It functions the same as other nursing pillows for feeding and as a prop and lounger, but the Niche is made with lightweight and breathable organic materials—and is still machine washable. This is a great option if you like natural and well-designed baby gear.

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    PharMeDoc U-Shaped Full-Body Pregnancy Pillow MFG: PharMeDoc Store
    Why We Love It

    The PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow helps you get a better night's rest, whether you're pregnant or not. This C shaped body pillow conforms to your body's natural curve to help provide support for your back, neck, and pregnant belly. Adjustable polyfill material helps provide relief from stress points as well as neck and back pain. This body pillow is perfect for anyone who needs more support for their back or legs when they sleep, but this pillow truly shines as a maternity pillow. Especially for women in the 3rd trimester, pregnancy pain and discomfort can really make sleeping difficult. Our C shaped pregnancy pillow was designed to replace the many other pillows you'd need to use at night to support your head, neck, legs, back, and especially your tummy. Makes an excellent nursing pillow too! Includes a super soft 100% jersey knit cotton machine washable hypoallergenic pillow case.

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